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Golden Flag Multiplayer 3D :
Golden Flag is a first person shooter , action-capture the flag game,step into the world after choosing the weapon of you choice teaming up to capture the flags that are placed around the map, normal flags give you 1 points and the golden flag earns you 3 points if the team conquers it. Game is designed in a cartoonish style to fit your device no matter how good or bad it is, it will run perfect, game is in beta, and alot of updates and new features are coming soon. *Game is in Beta, Problems MAY occure, stay tuned and keep your game updated for improvments and new stuff ! *Required : Golden Flag requires internet connection
Platforms :

Global Account System - Unity3d Assest Store
*requires Web Server
*requires MySQL Server
*requires Mail Server

Global Account System "GAS" is a powerful tool
that helps you create a database dependant login
and an account manager system. GAS doesn't
require programming skill it is an easy to use,
friendly tool, GAS includes commonly used
panels and examples such as : Login Panel,
Profile Manager, Admin Panel, Register Panel.

some of GAS features :

•Easy to use and custom made Database panel
to control account by admins(On the Browser)

•Toggle-able the need to activate the new
registered account using the e-mail

•Account Ban function(Mac Address) - Bans all
account for the choosen address

•Account Ban function(IP Address) - Bans all
account for the choosen address

•Forget Password Function(send a re-set
password to the email)

•User's are able to update their Account(Such as
Password, e-mail, first name, ..etc) - Updated at Runtime

•Easy to create custom windows for login,
register, ..etc(Drag & Drop)

•Toggle-able to allow multiple account on same

•Fields required to fill (such as e-mail field in
the register panel)

•Age allowed to register(Configuerable)

•Country Selection

•Re-Send E-mail activation (Activating account
need to be enabled)

•Edit & Delete Account using the admin panel

Web Player - WebGL

Video Tutorials
Platforms :

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