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Global Account System - Unity3d Assest Store
*requires Web Server
*requires MySQL Server
*requires Mail Server

Global Account System "GAS" is a powerful tool
that helps you create a database dependant login
and an account manager system. GAS doesn't
require programming skill it is an easy to use,
friendly tool, GAS includes commonly used
panels and examples such as : Login Panel,
Profile Manager, Admin Panel, Register Panel.

some of GAS features :

•Easy to use and custom made Database panel
to control account by admins(On the Browser)

•Toggle-able the need to activate the new
registered account using the e-mail

•Account Ban function(Mac Address) - Bans all
account for the choosen address

•Account Ban function(IP Address) - Bans all
account for the choosen address

•Forget Password Function(send a re-set
password to the email)

•User's are able to update their Account(Such as
Password, e-mail, first name, ..etc) - Updated at Runtime

•Easy to create custom windows for login,
register, ..etc(Drag & Drop)

•Toggle-able to allow multiple account on same

•Fields required to fill (such as e-mail field in
the register panel)

•Age allowed to register(Configuerable)

•Country Selection

•Re-Send E-mail activation (Activating account
need to be enabled)

•Edit & Delete Account using the admin panel

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